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ZBT: Kenny Mayne Running Freely, The CIA & Space Force

06:15 – Six Marine officers might get the boot from The Basic School (TBS) after being accused of cheating on the Land Navigation course. As they say, you can’t spell “lost” without the “Lt.”

17:56 – Kenny Mayne joins ZBT to talk about and an event he’s throwing in Bellevue, WA to raise funds this weekend with Jerry Rice, Steve Largent, Gary Payton, Jamal Crawfod & Lenny Wilkens. Run Freely provides a type of exoskeleton (Mayne calls it ‘the magic device’) for veterans with damaged limbs. Hear how he got involved with it through his own personal experience with the device.

27:00 – Former CIA agent Emily Brandwin joins the show and tells Chaps all about how she got into the CIA, what an agent does and life after an exciting career. Hoping for some real secret squirrel info here.

57:53 – EAS (end of active service), DD214s (freeeeedom papers!) & what to do when you get out of the military. A lot of veterans or active duty getting out soon slide into our DMs asking for advice & direction on this.


01:11 – Space force chat & Chaps finds a way to get us out of Afghanistan. And speaking of the Space Force…