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Dez Bryant Watched One Baker Mayfield Drive and Decided He Wanted To Be a Cleveland Brown

It’s August 10th and most teams got their first preseason game under their belts last night. Training camps are in full throttle, and former-star receiver Dez Bryant is still without a team. The Browns have shown interest in Dez, but Dez isn’t returning their phone calls. It’s tough to sign a player when you cannot communicate with him at all. The pretty girl at the bar may have given you her number, but if she doesn’t answer your texts what’s the point? So what changed Dez’s mind? One, single Baker Mayfield drive. That’s it. It was preseason, but Baker showed all of his tools and it wow’d Dez.


Teeter teeter pumpkin eater. And just like that, Dez Bryant’s phone started working!


And now he’s coming to camp next week to work out and meet Dorsey and Co. Mayfield moves the fucking needle.

11/20 two touchdowns, eyes down the field even when being pressured, putting the ball in perfect spots, converting first downs when his legs. Baker shined in his debut and certainly didn’t help Hue Jackson’s decision to start Tyrod the whole year. Browns fans will definitely be super patient with this situation. Yup, no reason to be starving for wins at all. Baker is electric and will be must-watch when he takes the helm, whenever that will be. Something has to go wrong though right? Something has to. This storyline just doesn’t make sense.

Here’s Baker’s second touchdown. A bullet thrown perfectly on a 3rd and 4 slant to fourth round pick Antonio Callaway who took it and ran. These two might became one helluva duo in the future if it all works out.