Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned By A Man Who Owns A $400,000 Mercedes

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NEWS- A LUXURY Mercedes-Benz worth more than $400,000 has been spray-painted by an apparently scorned woman armed with a baseball bat in a drive-by attack just outside the CBD. The Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe, which retails new for $410,000, was attacked just before 12.30pm outside an apartment complex in Kent Town. A group of witnesses told The Advertiser a woman smashed up the car with a baseball bat after spray-painting the words “cheater”, “slut” and “man whore”. One witness said the scorned woman aged in her 20s was “cool, calm and collected” during the rampage. “She turned up in a Mercedes G Wagon (and) she got out with a spray can,” a second witness said. “She painted one side then went around and painted the other side, then got back in the car and got out the bat.

Cheating is wrong. Everybody knows that. But BUT if you’re gonna do it (which you shouldn’t) you definitely shouldn’t park your $400,000 Mercedes Benz on the street. That’s just something you can’t do if you’re gonna cheat (which you should not do). Cause if you do cheat and you park your $400,000 Mercedes Benz on the street then you leave yourself open to having CHEATER and MAN WHORE and SLUT spray painted all over it. And then your neighbors are gonna see and know you’re an asshole and it’s a whole thing. Not to mention the young lady might do her best Barry Bonds impression all over the body of the Mercedes. That’s gonna cost a pretty penny to fix. A locked garage would’ve cost way less.

I don’t know why but her spray painting SLUT on the car made me laugh out loud. CHEATER and MAN WHORE are pretty standard when it comes to defacing a male cheater’s personal property. But SLUT? I did not see that one coming at all. Shame on me and my brain for thinking “slut” could only be used when referring to a female. I’m gonna use SLUT when referring to males all the time from here on out.

This is kinda terrifying

One witness said the scorned woman aged in her 20s was “cool, calm and collected” during the rampage.

She was ready.