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I Wish I Could Say That I'm Shocked And Appalled That A Team From Pittsburgh Would Resort To Cheating To Beat A Team From Philly, But I'm Not

Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles


Wow. Just wow. This is just deplorable, though it is not even in the slightest bit shocking. It’s sad to see a once proud city like Pittsburgh resort to such tactics but this is what we’ve come to know from those mayonnaise chugging bastards from the other side of the city. The Eagles won the Super Bowl. The Capitals won the Stanley Cup. The Pirates are barely a .500 ball club. Their entire world is falling apart. Their walls are crumbling to pieces and they don’t know how to deal with the fact that their time is done. So what do they go out there and do? They cheat just to beat the Super Bowl champions in the first week of the preseason.

It’s sad, really. I actually feel bad for the city of Pittsburgh. It must be tough to watch all of your rival cities have this much success while you’re preparing yourselves for another decade of irrelevance. Even that fat piece of garbage Mark Madden. I feel bad for him. Because this is what his city has come to be. Just a bunch of whiny, disgusting, overweight babies who have so much built up arrogance that they think they are above the law. Doesn’t matter if it’s the preseason or the Super Bowl. If you think that you are bigger than the National Football League and you can play with deflated footballs, well then you’ve got another thing coming. Like I said, I understand why they did it. But that doesn’t mean I can condone it just because it was preseason. If you give a yinzer an inch, they’ll load it up with french fries, drown it in mayonnaise, dunk it in the toilet and then proceed to take a mile. So the NFL needs to come down on them with a swift and harsh punishment to prevent this type of behavior from ever happening again. Simply suspending Mason Rudolph isn’t enough since it’s not like he’s ever going to be seeing the field anyway. Should Big Ben be forced to fall on the sword here? That’s not for me to decide but it seems like the only justified option.

P.S. – Fucking Howard Eskin, man. What a little goddamn weasel that guy is. Week 1 of the preseason. Nobody got seriously injured. The young guys like Dallas Goedert looked really good. Nate Sudfeld made a few mistakes but also made a few really nice throws. And this jackass is out there putting out reports of deflated balls in the 3rd quarter. What a son of a bitch. Can’t say that I don’t love the move. Howard is just trying to have himself a career year and what better time to start than week 1 of the preseason? But still. There’s absolutely no need to draw attention to a deflated ball in the 3rd quarter of a preseason game. Which is why I respect the hell out of Howard for still snitching regardless.

P.P.S. – Do you get it? Because his name is Dallas, like the city where the Cowboys play.

P.P.P.S. – Welcome to the show, Cammie Long Ball