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Using Brute Force, A Girl Encouraged Another Girl To Jump Off A Bridge, Causing Her To Break Her Ribs

NY Post- A 16-year-old girl was lucky to be alive after getting pushed off a three-story bridge at a park in Washington state, relatives said.

In a jarring 9-second clip, Jordan Holgerson is seen hesitating atop a bridge in Moulton Falls Regional Park in Yacolt, north of Portland, where she visited Tuesday with a group of at least three other people seemingly eager for her to take the plunge, the Longview Daily News reported.

The bikini-clad Holgerson apparently was having second thoughts and mumbled, “No, I won’t go,” according to the footage.

That’s when an unidentified woman suddenly shoves the teen forward, forcing her to plummet into the water from more than three stories in the air, according to the park’s website, which warns visitors not to jump off the bridge.

Holgerson was being treated at a local hospital for five cracked ribs, a bruised esophagus and injuries to her trachea, as well as air trapped in the lining of her lungs, her mother said.

Every group of friends needs that lynchpin, that catalyst who will push us out of our comfort zone. That person can be polarizing but in the end, they’re the friend that teaches you the most about yourself. That’s the friend with whom you have the wildest adventures, the craziest times. Your fiancée wrinkles her nose when you say you’re inviting him to your wedding, but you won’t have it any other way because the two of you once buried a hooker and he might spill the beans if you rub him the wrong way.

It’s safe to say that little miss pushypants here is that friend. Except it’s not entirely clear if she’s actually friends with the girl she pushed. Which makes this a crime, probably. It’s one thing to push a friend into a pool. Another thing entirely to push someone off a 60-foot bridge because they’re dragging their feet. A bellyflop from this height causes the type of damage that will help you shed a couple pounds because you can’t swallow solid food for two weeks. And while tightening up the frame in early August is usually a welcome development, there are definitely easier ways to do it.

Still, I like the pusher’s style. That’s the type of woman you don’t have to protect. She’ll never ask you to walk her home at night, even if she lives in the roughest neighborhood in town. Give her two weeks in a women’s prison and she’ll be running the entire black market. I hate to admit it, but I’m turned on.