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We Had A Rebound Behind-The-Back Crease Dive Goal Scored At The World Junior Lacrosse Championships. In Other Words, Pure Filth

So the World Junior Lacrosse Championships are currently going on up is Saskatchewan. It may not be a huge tournament considering there are only 3 teams playing–Canada, the Iroquois Nationals, and Team USA–but it still features the best junior box lacrosse players in the world. Plenty of the kids who are playing at the SaskTel Centre this week will find themselves on NLL rosters at some point. So it’s more or less of an NLL Futures Showcase than anything.

So anyway, unfortunately Team USA isn’t quite as dominant at the box game as we are in field lacrosse. The Canadians and the Iroquois Nationals are the best nations in the world when the game is played indoors. Don’t get me wrong. USBOXLA is definitely gaining momentum and hoping to close the gap soon. But as it stands right now, the Canadians and Iroquois are just too much to handle. But if you’re going to lose a game by a score of 25-9, the least you can do is have a front row seat to one of the nastier goals scored in the tournament courtesy of Aaron Greyeyes who plays for the Saskatchewan SWAT in the Rocky Mountain Junior Box Lacrosse League.

Off the rebound, picks up the loosie with two dudes crashing down on him, dives across the front of the crease, behind-the-back between the five hole and in the back of the net. All while rocking double eights on the back of the jersey. That’s a thing of beauty right there. But sure, tell me all about how any of you bozos can pick up a lacrosse stick for a couple of months and be able to pull off something like that. Fucking baseball players, man. The most clueless sacks of shit in the world.

Oh, and speaking of future NLL Players–the 2018 NLL Draft is coming home to Philadelphia. September 25th at Xfinity Live! I’ll see everybody there. I’ll bring the beers.