True Love Is Dead: Iggy Azalea and DeAndre Hopkins Announce Split After 1 Beautiful Day

Take off a little early today, head home, grab some flowers on the way, walk in and give your wife or girlfriend a big hug.  Be happy and appreciative you have that person in your life.  Because not everyone is so lucky.  People like Iggy Azalea and DeAndre Hopkins, who despite their connection and passion and unconditional love for each other, couldn’t make it work after one (1) day.  Just goes to show once again that relationships take work, they take care, they take constant maintenance.  You may think you’re set for life with the perfect woman -whose flow is retarded, they speak it, depart it,swagger on super,  can’t shop at no department – for 23 hours…then that next one hits and it’s all over.

RIP IggAndre, 8/8/2018-8/9/2018.