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Lance Armstrong Can't Even Ride A Bike Anymore, Falls And Bloodies Up His Face

lancearmstrong Well, sometimes you’re the hammer and sometimes you’re the nail! The Tom Blake trail (one of my faves) came up and tried to KO my ass today. Took quite the blow to the noggin’ so swung by the Aspen Valley Hospital (great facility!) to get my head checked. For the 46 yrs prior to today I completely would have blown off getting checked. Not now. Small world story – a few weeks back I posted a pic of @ghincapie@mikekloser, and myself. Credit photo to “some dude at top of buttermilk”. Well, that ‘dude’ turned out to be @ajaxrider – the ER doc on duty today! Charlie, thanks for looking after me.

Holy shit Lance Armstrong is still alive?! That’s wild. I didn’t necessarily think he was dead but I didn’t know he was alive, if that makes any sense. He’s certainly not relevant anymore. Does he just ride his bike around the world and nobody cares cause he’s been outcast by society for being a bad person? Sure seems that way. Looks like he can’t even do that right, though. Fell right on his face and got all bloody. How the mighty have literally fallen.


I will say, of all the famous athlete dopers who have gotten caught over the years, I respect Lance Armstrong for being like, “Everybody was doing it so I needed to do it in order to keep up.” He said it unapologetically. I could be wrong but I remember him being kind of an asshole to Oprah when they did the TV confession. Like how the fuck was he supposed to compete in the Tour de France when everybody else was taking EPO by the gallon? Baseball in the 90s is a somewhat similar situation but not really cause not 100% of baseball player were using steroids. I’m pretty sure 100% of Tour de France cyclists were using steroids and a whole lot of them. Hard to compete with that if you’re trying to do it au naturale.

And honestly, if everybody was blood doping, then that still proves Lance Armstrong is the best cyclist of all time, right? That makes it an even playing field. I use this example a lot but it’s like if everybody has AIDS then nobody has AIDS. Same goes for the sport of cycling and blood doping. If everybody is blood doping then it’s like nobody is blood doping. Given that line of thinking Lance Armstrong is the GOAT.