James Dolan Wants You To Know That He Should've Known That Harvey Weinstein Was A Sexual Predator And Even Wrote A Song To Prove it!

Video of Dolan’s appearance:


Lyrics of the song:

*Please mute the volume unless you want your ears to bleed and/or spontaneously combust*

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sold. James Dolan clearly had no idea that Harvey Weinstein was a fucking monster and showed courage as well as bravery by actually doing something about it and turning in his creepy fuckhead friend writing a song about it and putting his band on the show that is pretty much MSG’s propaganda wing at this point. The numerous stories about James Dolan being a piece of shit were clearly fabrications now that he has jumped onto the #MeToo movement and the lawsuits claiming that Dolan knew Weinstein was a big ol’ pile of shit should be thrown out immediately. Thankfully Gotham’s hero reassured New Yorkers that he won’t be leaving our lives anytime soon.


In completely unrelated news, here is a Throwback Thursday picture of Dolan with the current President of the New York Liberty that play in the Women’s National Basketball Association.


For those that don’t remember how that President’s previous tenure with the Knicks ended years earlier:

NY Times- A jury ruled today that Isiah Thomas, the coach of the New York Knicks, sexually harassed a former team executive and that Madison Square Garden, the owner of the team, improperly fired her for complaining about the unwanted advances. The jury, in Federal District Court in Manhattan, also ruled that the former executive, Anucha Browne Sanders, is entitled to $11.6 million in punitive damages from the Garden and James L. Dolan, the chairman of Cablevision, the parent company of the Garden and the Knicks.

Cue the clown shoe music!!!