#TBT To The Last Time The Philadelphia Eagles Played At Lincoln Financial Field...What Happened Again?

Football is back, baby! Well, kind of. It’s pre-season. Unless you’re watching Chip Kelly and Sam Bradford shred through a depleted Packers defense in early August, there are no kings crowned this early. But still, football is back in the air in South Philly, and ya gotta love it. ICYMI: The Philadelphia Eagles won it all last year. They’re world champions in the sport of football, because they won Super Bowl 52. That’s a fact. The Philadelphia Eagles are defending Super Bowl Champions. Look it up. However, that championship was earned in the mediocre state of Minnesota on the Vikings home turf. What happened the last time the Philadelphia Eagles played at their home inside Lincoln Financial Field? I wonder…


Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 12.21.47 PM

Just your little friendly reminder about that fateful, glorious day. Oh, and you damn well better believe this is happening now and forever. The Vikings have hereby been CUCKED. #FOLES

Love it. As for tonight, Nate The Great is gonna Hoosier his way to the Eagles having themselves three QB1’s on the roster. Also, no injuries. PLEASE. Stay hungry, my dogs.