America Needs The Eric Andre Show To Return For A Fifth Season

The Eric Andre Show is not for everyone due to how completely off-the-wall its premise is. I’m sure there are some people that watched the above video and clicked off of this blog immediately. The giving birth to jazz and giving birth to jeans bit was not for them. However, for the people that enjoyed the video above, the Eric Andre Show is perfect for you. I know I’m not breaking any ground and this show has garnered a large cult-following since its premiere in 2012. However, the show is in danger of not returning for a fifth season, and I am here to raise awareness about this atrocity. Because of that, just for everyone out there that appreciates his humor as much as I do, let’s take a look back at the top moments from the Eric Andre Show.

Lauren Conrad Puking


This is an all-time moment for television. Eric has the studio cranked up to 90 degrees to irritate is guests as much as possible, interviews them for like an hour, and cuts it down to the best three or four minutes. The first part of this interview is incredible, but him fake throwing up, slurping up the throw up, and then making his guest throw up is unreal. Her agent must have gotten fired for booking her on this show.

Rapper Warrior Ninja

The fact that they were able to get legit rappers to do this is hilarious. This concept is so goofy that it could be made into an entire series, but it’s just a short sketch less than two minutes long. I think that speaks volumes to the originality of ideas that go into each show and how well thought-out everything is. The funniest part of this sketch for me is when Eric tases Hannibal out of nowhere and then scoots backwards cackling. Simply incredible.

The Entire Wiz Khalifa Interview

The story about feeding a child LSD ruins me every time I hear it. Wiz is completely chill when a George Clooney impersonator just hops out of the desk, he even offers him a toke.

“Hip hop rap hippity hop hop hip hap-a-roo rappity roo-ha, hee bop.”


Wiz seemed to know that the interview was a parody for most of the interview, but when Eric brings out the naked PA and starts to beat him up, that is a little bit too far for the rapper.

Hannibal Buress Checking Jimmy Kimmel For Lice


Once, again, this entire interview is so insane I needed to include the full clip. Hannibal gets a Hot Pocket out of nowhere and burns his mouth, they talk about snakes with human traits, the band is eating what looks like oatmeal out of rusty mugs. Just brilliant. However, I truly lost my mind when Hannibal had a complete lice testing kit and went in for a nice swipe on Jimmy’s hair.

“You’re good.”

“Thank you.”

Also every single time Eric destroys the set I cannot keep it together.

This post could cover every minute of every episode, but that would be too long for a blog post. Please Eric Andre, I know you’re a fan of my writing, bring back your show for a fifth season. We need your humor in our lives on a weekly basis once again.

Honorable Mention: Sinbad Starting To Cry When The Wheel Of Prizes Never Stops

“I’ll just move to North Korea.”