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Dave Grohl's 23-Minute Long Instrumental Track Is Out And It's Outrageously Awesome


So, I don’t know why this song is out now considering all advertisements and promotion for ‘Play’ had it slated for TOMORROW, August 10th, but hell, I ain’t mad! This 23-minute instrumental track hit Youtube/Spotify/iTunes at some point this morning and it’s fucking awesome. In front of it lies an eight minute mini-documentary about kids playing music, and the wonder and magic that comes along with that, narrated by Dave himself, and that’s fucking awesome too. I said after Grohl’s ‘Sound City’ documentary was released in 2013 that the Foo Fighters frontman had a future as a documentarian/narrator, and it’s clear that future is still…

*takes off glasses*

*puts on sunglasses*

in PLAY.

BAM! Knocked that one out of the park. Killed it.

ANYWAY, the track itself is exactly 22:36, it showcases Dave playing every single instrument on it (which there are a shocking amount of), and it was all done in one take. I’m not quite sure how he actually pulled this off, because it’s broken off into sections, meaning it sounds like 4 or 5, maybe 6 songs played without a break in-between them, and he sorta fades out portions on guitar, piano, and drums while he changes his bass or hops onto a different kit, or replaces a guitar, or changes his tuning, and then he RIPS back into the track at the same exact time on every instrument like over and over again. He slows down, goes out of time, out of tempo, and NEVER and I mean EVER is he not perfectly synced up with the other Daves in that room. Fucking insane. He had to have been taking time cues off a clock or something, right? He can’t possibly just have that feel. The feel he does have, however, is rock n’ roll, and he nails it with ‘Play’.

It’s truly everything I hoped for and more, and I know I’m gonna find myself listening to this for days at a time this summer without a doubt. Give it a listen yourself, and when you’re out of work later, give the video a watch. It’s not only a great documentary and song, but it’s actually beautifully shot and edited. Grohl knocks it out of the park once again.