I Have No Respect For Laker Fans Who Don't Boycott the Lebron Led Lakers

So Lebron posted his first pictures in a Laker uniform. Now I’m not here to debate whether he did this to distract from the growing controversy regarding his investment or lack thereof in his IPromise school. Or the fact he keeps calling himself the King despite getting humiliated in the NBA Finals year in and year out. Instead I have an open question for Laker fans. You guys don’t want Lebron right? You puked just like I did when you saw these photos? You realize he is a disgrace to the uniform and the city? That Magic, Kareem and Jerry West are probably rolling over in their graves even though they are all alive. (Shout out Magic for taking Aids to the woodshed) But seriously how can anybody root for a mercenary like this? If you like sports you can’t like this. If you respect basketball, if call yourself a Lakers fan and want Lebron on your team I have no respect for you or your family.