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Laker LeBron Looks Weird


I remember when we saw LeBron in a Heat uniform for the first time. It was different, and seeing as how it was his first team away from Cleveland, it was highly anticipated.


Well I think it’s safe to say that anticipation pales in comparison to his first look as a Laker. We got that today and I can honestly say, completely unbiased, it just looks weird. I feel like we all got used to LeBron on the Heat fairly quickly, but I can’t see the same thing happening in LA. The Lakers are a different animal, Seeing LeBron in that iconic purple and gold is going to be really fucking weird for quite some time.

And if you’re a Lakers fan reading this blog, enjoy your porn for the evening. In my opinion these two posts were entirely calculated by LeBron. He’s probably subtweeting about all this drama around his school and how much he actually paid for, combined with the modest choice in footwear. But that’s not new to me. Seeing him in the actual jersey is what my brain couldn’t completely comprehend, and maybe because you add in the Showtime numbers and that’s messing with me a little as well. As dumb as it sounds, seeing this picture made LeBron to the Lakers feel real, and for that I am thankful. Go be someone else’s problem is what I say. We’ve seen a ton of former stars rock the purple and gold and I’m not sure any of them looked as weird as LeBron does.

I will also say LeBron’s lookin a little thin, which I feel like is a yearly summer tradition for him. All I know is by May he’s plowing over people, now whether or not we see him do that in this uniform in the playoffs is to be determined.