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Jim Nantz Was Warned That The PGA Championship Will Be The Loudest They've Ever Seen

I’m a St. Louis guy and, although the Big Cats of the world harness their platforms to, quite rudely, make fun of us, I believe St. Louis has as great of fans as anywhere. The place is the perfect combination of a small town with a rich sports history yet not much opportunity to unleash the passionate fandom that history has created. Our football team left, the Blues are playing golf by the second round, Mizzou is amazingly average across the board, and the Cardinals only win the World Series every 10 years or so. So when something like the PGA Championship comes to town, we get excited.

I heard local radio saying this is the biggest event for St. Louis since the 1904 World Fair; that probably says more about how many big events we get in St. Louis than it does about the World Fair or the PGA but the point still stands. St. Louis is jacked up for golf’s final major coming to town.


Tiger always attracts the crowds but even Tracker and JT couldn’t help but comment on the masses out there so far this week.

I don’t know that St. Louis will be louder than Valhalla in 2000 when Tiger raced his golf ball to the hole…

…but I do know St. Louis loves its sports and doesn’t get many opportunities to show it. The fans will be going all out all week. Give us some Sunday dramatics and Nantzy boy may not be able to handle it.