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CUE THE CONFETTI: The Sixers Open Their Season AND Play On Christmas Day In Boston


Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 3.21.49 PM

Uh-oh. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and this meal is as delightful as a delicious Devour frozen package on opening night of the NBA and December 25th.

Now, I once again gotta give credit where credit is due: The Celtics out coached, out played, and out hearted the Sixers throughout the entire playoff series this year. They were the better team tonight through and through. Terry Rozier is indeed, dare I say, Scary good at basketball. That is not ideal for business. Neither is Jason Tatum combined with a healthy Kyrie Irving and a Gordon Hayward lashing out that internal Dad anger on the court:

Even so, the Sixers still battled that series (no matter how much they were favorited). You can’t deny that. Well, you can in Game 1 of the series when they shat themselves out of pure rust and overconfidence. But at least they put in the effort afterwards. Execution? Not exactly. It would’ve been fucking FANTASTIC to not willingly gift the ball over to the enemy whenever the game was on the line. Plus Ben Simmons putting up 1 point in a winnable game, Joel Embiid missing every single game tying/winning shot in the final minute all season, etc, etc. In the end, the Sixers weren’t gonna come back form 0-3. We all knew that. And it would’ve been nice to not give away a 22 point lead in Game 2 and prematurely ejaculate confetti in Game 4. Never forget the greatest entry into OT ever seen:

But seriously, how great is this for the NBA? You got two historic rivals finally back to form at the same time ready to duke it out in the East for the next decade. Why wouldn’t they put these matchups at the forefront of the league? Granted, it would be nice if one of these games were in South Philly, but whatever. Can’t wait for it to get cooking.

CUE IT (sans the confetti):