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Plot Twist! USA Basketball Doesn't Want Anything To Do With Evaluating Players For The New NCAA Rules

Well, I want to say I’m shocked here, but I’m not. This is what I said when the new rule change broke:

USA Basketball is going to define who is an elite senior prospect, but who within USA Basketball is deciding that? What happens if the player is an international prospect like Svi? He was well-known but not part of USA Basketball, how would that come into play here? Also, coaches are involved with USA Basketball, are we giving them the right to determine if their recruits are elite or not? That’s such a huge grey area and the one thing that’s preventing this from being the perfect rule. Just let every college basketball player work with an agent if they want to. What does it matter if the agents are all NCAA certified?

Now, we get an even more grey area. USA Basketball doesn’t want any part of this and rightfully so. They have no idea who are the elite prospects. How would they even operate to figure out who the elite prospects are? It’s no surprise they don’t want any of this. How the NCAA thought USA Basketball made any sense here is beyond me, well, except it’s the NCAA.

So now where are we? Oh, I don’t know, how about going back to what I said originally. Let anyone get an agent, because who cares? These agents are NCAA approved only, remember here’s the rule:


They aren’t even being repped the entire time, so again, who cares here? It’s simple enough. Let the agents, who again, are NCAA affiliated pick who they want to rep. If they don’t want to rep the 11th man from Jacksonville State, then they don’t rep him. But, what about someone blowing up after flying under the radar from USA Basketball?

The NCAA continues to be a massive fuck-up of an organization and now other basketball organizations are calling them out.