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It's Unfortunate, But Alvin Kamara Has Clearly Lost His Mind And Thinks The Saints Would Have Beat The Shit Out Of The Eagles Last Year

Divisional Round - New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings – The Eagles will travel to New Orleans this season for a matchup with the Saints, and star running back Alvin Kamara should probably be thankful that the game won’t be taking place in Philadelphia. If he ever makes his way to Lincoln Financial Field, expect the boo birds to come out in full force.

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Kamara believes the Saints would’ve had no issue against the Eagles last season, had the Saints been able to advance past the Vikings and make it to the NFC Championship Game. 

“We’d beat the s**t out of (the Eagles]) cause we was rolling,” Kamara told Bleacher Report. “If we won (against the Vikings), I knew nobody was gonna stop us cause we came all the way back.”

Poor, poor Alvin Kamara. The Saints season ended on the very last play of their game against Minnesota on January 14th. That was 206 days ago. More than half a year ago. And poor Alvin Kamara is still trying to process the loss. He’s still living in some make believe world where the Saints don’t give up one of the biggest circus plays in NFL history at the final seconds in the divisional round, advance to play the Eagles IN Philadelphia and somehow come out of that game on top. And not only does he think the Saints would have won that game, but that they’d beat the shit out of the Eagles? The same team who beat the shit out of the Vikings who had just hung up 29 points on your defense? It must be exhausting to perform all those mental gymnastics for 206 days straight and I’m actually worried about how that exhaustion is going to affect his performance this season.

And what’s an even bigger shame is now the Saints’ asses are firmly in the jackpot. The Eagles don’t head down to New Orleans until week 11 this year. That means that Carson Wentz will be 11 full months removed from his ACL surgery at that point. So they’ll be playing against pretty much an entire returning Super Bowl winning defense on one side of the ball, and then they’ll be dealing with a damn near 100% Carson Wentz on the other side. You add that bulletin board material to the mix and Sunday November 18, 2018 at 1pm EST is where the New Orleans Saints season will officially end. It’s sad that the acts and words of one individual will determine the fate of an entire team, but that’s just the way these things work. Maybe if they’re on their best behavior the Eagles can throw Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles in for the 4th quarter so it won’t be quite as bad.