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Alligator Vs. Jaguar In A Fight To The Death - Who Ya Got?

First off before YP or anyone else corrects me, yes I realize that the title says it is a caiman taking on a jaguar, not an alligator. No, I do not know or care what the difference is between a caiman and an alligator or even a crocodile. But I do know if I put caiman in the title of this blog, I would have gotten less clicks which would have resulted in me getting less of a bonus at the end of the year which then would have resulted in less food in my kids and more importantly my mouth.

Anyway, shout out to that jaguar for playing a do-or-die game on the road and emerging with a convincing victory. Beating a giant lizard with huge teeth on a neutral battleground is impressive enough. But watching that jag go into the drink and completely dominate the caiman was about as impressive as watching the Jacksonville Jaguars go into Foxboro and dominate the Pats before they coached scared in the 2nd half and didn’t let the BOAT Blake Bortles drag the Pats lifeless corpse to the shore and eat it. I now have infinitely more respect for jaguars than I did before watching this video. When you are young, you think all big cats are badass mammajammas because lions and tigers are known as killing machines. But I recently read that cheetahs are overrated as hunters simply because they have a great 40 time and occasionally stumble upon a sick gazelle. Then I flat out lost respect for cheetahs when they let this group of idiot French tourists walk away unscathed while leaving their car in Cheetah Country.


Since my brain is dumb, I then started labeling other big cats like jaguars, panthers, leopards, and Dan Katz as being sneaky soft. Nope, it turns out jaguars are indeed badasses that can win a scrap against other predators despite being at a distinct disadvantage. So this video is definitely a big comeback win for big cats and a huuuuuge L for reptiles/amphibians/lizards/whatever the fuck a caiman is.