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Wake Up With An NBA Countdown: Best Assist From Every Team

Toronto Raptors v Minnesota Timberwolves

Good morning everybody, happy Wednesday! This blog is really all about helping one another. Like you the last thing I want to do is do any work every morning, and hopefully this blog provides you a mini escape or one last way to procrastinate until you actually try and get stuff done until it’s time to shut things down for lunch. So with the theme of helping others in mind, it makes sense that today we look at the best assist from every team in the 2018 season. People helping people.

There is just something about a beautiful assist that does it for me. You give me the option of watching some sweet passing or sweet dunks and I think I go passing at least 83% of the time. The creativity, the flash, what it does for the crowd and momentum, passing is one of the more beautiful aspects of the game of basketball and that’s really not up for debate. A full court one handed bounce pass? A nasty no look? Something creative on the break like a behind the back or through the legs dish? That’s the stuff that gets my blood pumping. Inspired by yesterday’s blog of Rondo and his brilliant passing, when I saw this video last night I knew it was the only choice.

What intrigues me about today’s NBA is this type of awesome passing is coming from almost every position. It’s not just the point guards that are bringing the heat moving the rock, but wings and bigs as well. It’s no surprise that some of the best teams in the league are also among the best passing groups. Of the top 6 teams in assists last year, only DEN didn’t make the playoffs and they barely missed (GS/PHI/NO/WSH/TOR were the others). I’ve long said that of all the things to be jealous of GS about, how they move the ball is definitely high on that list for me. This game is so much more beautiful when teams move the ball and it’s played the right way, I think we can all agree on that. I mean what would you prefer to watch? Everyone standing around watching as one guy dribbles the ball for 22 seconds before jacking it up, or crisp precise ball movement with multiple people touching the ball resulting in an easy basket? No brainer for me.


Now I can also concede that perhaps my love of passing has something to do with my white/Jewish limitations on the basketball court. Maybe if I was able to do crazy dunks during my playing days I would have more of a love for that, but I obviously couldn’t so instead found love in helping others. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of throwing the perfect pass in my opinion, and if you can do it with a little flair even better.

So I hope you enjoy today’s video, and maybe it’ll inspire you to go down your own rabbit hole of awesome NBA passing. Consider that my assist to you. As always if there is a player or type of countdown you’d like to see just list them in the comments, otherwise have yourself a great Wednesday!