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Brian Bowen Finally Finds A Place To Play Basketball After The NCAA Failed Him

You probably know the name Brian Bowen and it has nothing to do with what he’s done on the court. The former Louisville recruit turned South Carolina transfer was at the center of the FBI investigation into Louisville and allegedly took $100,000 to attend Louisville. It ultimately led to the firing of Rick Pitino.

After that broke, Bowen transferred to South Carolina in the hope that he’d be able to play sometime this upcoming season. Nothing outrageous there. Except the NCAA, continued to be the NCAA, which is the dumbest organization in the world. Mark Emmert should be flat out ashamed with how the NCAA handled the Brian Bowen situation.

Should he have been punished for allegedly taking money? Absolutely, according to the rulebook. However, the NCAA never made a ruling on him. Bowen was forced to enter the NBA Draft because he didn’t know if he would be able to play college hoops this upcoming season because somehow the NCAA never made a ruling until it was a week before the NBA Draft deceleration date.

It was an embarrassment on how to handle a situation. That’s why the NCAA will continue to be the joke of every situation. They are never consistent. There are loopholes for programs to escape penalty, only for the NCAA to then punish another school for something even more minor. There rulebook is outdated. They look at the goddamned Rice Commission for help instead of people who know the game of basketball. They point their fingers at everyone without ever looking at how the NCAA is set up. As much as I love college basketball I absolutely hate the NCAA and it’s only a matter of time before the NCAA screws the NCAA.

Bowen will play for the Sydney Kings of the NBL’s Next Stars. The NBL is an organization that brings on American players to help develop them for the NBA. They tend to be the alternative to going to college. The Kings have had players like Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington, Steve Blake and Perry Ellis on the roster. Bowen will be eligible for the 2019 NBA Draft.