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How Do They Get Kids To Fall Asleep During Nap Time in China? Just Some Quick Kicks and Slaps To The Head

Daily Mail

A kindergarten teacher in east China is under police investigation after allegedly physically abusing students in her care. Several children told their parents that they had been slapped and stomped on by their female teacher at a kindergarten in Hefei, Anhui province.

The teacher, later identified by her surname as Xuan, has been suspended, according to local reports. Footage dated August 2 taken from security cameras at the kindergarten shows the teacher slapping pupils that were lying down during nap time as she walked around the classroom.

In the clip released by The Paper, she also appeared kicking the frames of the beds in an attempt to get them to sleep. Parent Mr Bian told reporters that her daughter said she was hit in the face by her teacher. She had only been attending the school for a week.

Nothing like some nap time in China huh? Everyone gets into their little “beds” and dozes off for a few hours. If you manage to open your eyes, cough, sneeze, giggle, or for heaven’s sake talk you are then slapped or kicked in the face by your teacher. You know…normal stuff. Fucking China, man. They just don’t have rules. Whatever it takes to get those demons asleep. If the slaps and kicks didn’t work I was fully expecting the lady to go get a fucking fire extinguisher and spray them until they were unconscious.

Is there anything taken for granted more than nap time when we were children? No one wanted to sleep. It was basically the worst hour of our lives. We had the energy of a thousand suns ready to run around until our feet started bleeding. We couldn’t talk to our friends, we just had to lay there in silence in the dark. I fucking hated it. Now? Now, I wish I could nap 24/7. Whenever I get on the bus ride home I pass out for an hour. Even a 15 minute snooze does the trick these days. 15 minutes in the nap world is the equivalent to like two hours of adrenaline in the real world. Naps are king, unless you fuck up and fall asleep for three hours. Then you’re basically up for a whole extra day.