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Texas A&M Girl Arrested For Marijuana Possession - About To Become A Millionaire On YouTube Because Her Makeup Was So Good In Her Mugshot

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Your grandpa:  Back in my day we would fight in World War 2 then come home and drink too much and do some drugs and get arrested and spend the night in the can then get out of the drunk tank and do it all over again, every day, until the day we died.

You, a millennial:  We get drunk and smoke some weed and wait to get arrested so our mugshot will go viral on social media and we’ll end up with $1 million a year in ad revenue vlogging about our makeup tutorials.

BF – This is 19-year-old Marshala Perkins of Dallas, Texas. She’s a student at Texas A&M University-Commerce and a self-taught makeup artist.

On February 6, a bored Perkins decided to demonstrate this glittery makeup look on Facebook Live. Some friends stopped by her dorm after the tutorial to invite her out, but two white Hunt County police officers approached the college student at her car before she could leave.

What the officers found were two grams of weed, which the makeup artist had planned to smoke with her friends.

She knew her mugshot had been released on the Greenville Court House website the following day and on the self-explanatory Twitter account @mugshotbaes a few weeks later. But what she didn’t know is that five months later 270,000+ people would be hyping up her makeup skills in a now-viral tweet:

For a lot of people that would be a life ruiner, or at the very least, a huge obstacle to overcome. Getting arrested for drugs on campus? Whole world seeing your mugshot? A criminal record and 6 months probation? No bueno.

Also bad news – Marshala lost her part time job at Wal Mart.


Good news – 280 motherfucking THOUSAND Likes!  62,000 retweets!  Francis would stab a man through his face for those type of engagement numbers.  Fuck a local Wal Mart, bitch you’re about to buy your own.

“I really regret going out to my car that night,” Marshala admitted. “But it’s all a learning experience, you know?”

From anonymous weed smoking college kid to the next Jenna Marbles living in the Hollywood Hills sitting on stacks of hundreds in front of a webcam 20 minutes a day.  I’d say that’s a good lesson to take from the experience.