40,000+ Maniacs Showed Up And Went Nuts At An Eagles Practice...A PRACTICE

WE TALKIN’ ABOUT PRACTICE. Yes, I am aware this happened two nights ago. My apologies. There was a lot of shit to clean off the fan, walls, and faces yesterday that may never come off.

And yes, I am aware colleges around the country get sellouts for Spring Games. Of course they do. It’s a huge party atmosphere in places where tens of thousands of young people live and breathe getting wasted on Saturdays for football. That’s not real life. It’s fantasy land.

This, for better or worse, is as real life as it gets. is 40,000 working class citizens coming to watch grown men play with balls on a school night…and it’s AWESOME. Since February 4th, the good people of Philadelphia have had a reason to live again. They’ve been waiting, nay, salivating at the first opportunity to get back to action and feel alive once more. Well, last night was it. People waited for hours to get into the Linc on a worknight, and it was worth every second.

What a scene. There were many highlights of the night, including the realization Nick Foles whipped it out and made SKOL his bitch. #38to7

After practice, the Birds stuck around to sign stuff for fans and hang with members of the military.

And continue to take notice even off the field this team is still the definition of jam.

Love this squad. In other notes, Wentz is obviously out for Thursday, St. Nicholas Of Length is suffering from “Upper Body Soreness” and hasn’t been practicing, either. Nick must’ve woken up with his dick around his neck trying to take over his body again. No biggie. It’s preseason. Wentz will recover and Foles has been there before and then some. It’ll actually be exciting to see what Nate Sudfield can do with extended time with the first team. We shall see. Till then, stay hungry, young dogs.