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Trae Young Dropped A Hype Video And He May Win Rookie Of The Year Based On This Alone

So usually around this time of the year I’m looking all over the Internet for college football hype videos. However, last night I stumbled across this. Trae Young dropped his own hype video called ‘Dear NBA’ and it’s absolutely awesome. I didn’t know I could love an individual hype video, but I sure do with this.

Trae narrating it talking about how he wants to create his own name and build something while there are clips of him working out, practice and game film, is just phenomenal. Also, just an A+ autograph at the end there. Vegas may have to readjust Rookie of the Year odds based on this alone until we see what Ayton, Doncic, Jackson, Bagley all come out with.

I’ve talked about my outlook on Young, but in case you haven’t read that I don’t think he ends up being a bust like a lot of people do. The biggest thing for him will be can he be consistent with his outside shot. If he’s consistent there, then defenses can’t leave him and it opens up more of the game for him with his ability to take guys off the bounce. The biggest advantage for Trae? He’s already an elite passer and that’s something that you simply can’t teach. I also think any comparison to Steph Curry is completely idiotic and not fair to either player.