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Wake Up With Benny Agbayani Letting 2 Runs Score After Giving A Ball To A Kid Because He Thought There Were 3 Outs

This is so Mets, just perfect. I was trying to come up with a random MLB player moment for the wakeup. Was drawing a blank so I went to the fine people at Twitter, they had some great suggestions, but then out of nowhere, Benny Agbayani jumped into my head. I don’t know why or how. Typed his name into Youtube and this baby popped up. I would say this could only happen to the Mets, but I bet this happens to the Orioles before this season is done.

I totally forgot about this play, and Agbayani giving the ball away to a child when he thought there were 3 outs. Plot twist, there weren’t 3 outs! He let 2 runs score on this play and looked like he wanted to crawl somewhere and hide forever. I couldn’t imagine having this happen to me in a televised MLB game, let alone a game in New York. I bet Benny goes to get his coffee every morning and I’m sure there is some guy who recognizes him and has to bring it up. I can barely keep count of the outs in softball, but I don’t have 40,000 angry New Yorkers sitting 40 feet behind me, this guy did.


I mean the look of pure terror when he realizes “oh shit, there aren’t 3 outs and another guy is about to score” is quite a look. And the kid he gave the ball to, what do you think he’s thinking? He thinks he was just handed a game used ball, then he realizes that Benny is YANKING the ball out of his hand. Benny kind of just stands there and doesn’t know what to do. “Do I throw it back in? Do I give it back to the kid?” He looks like he pay pee his pants. He also had half the crowd pointing and yelling at him to throw the ball home, what a scene.

I don’t understand how this happens in a MLB game. There are a million scoreboards everywhere with the count and outs on it. There is 30 seconds in between each pitch, you know the players are looking all around. Just a classic case of Benny being Benny.

Wonder where that kid is too, think he’s a stoolie? I’d love to know his reaction to that and if he got a ball after the mishap.