Antoine Walker Talking About His New Documentary On Fox Chicago This Morning, Looks Like He Could Drop 15 And 8 Tomorrow




Bam! Diesel Town USA, population ‘Toine. You know when you see an ex-athlete and you say to yourself, wow, it looks like they could step right back on the court tomorrow and still give your team meaningful minutes. That’s what I see when I see Antoine. Chiseled.



Oh and I am 100% going to see his new Documentary. It’s called “Gone In An Instant” which probably isn’t exactly correct because he actually lost his money in like a decade plus but you get it. 100 million dollars spent as fast as humanly possible.  Shit load of awesome memories and abandoned Car Washes around Chicago though, so that’s probably nice.

Gone In An Instant Official Teaser from It’s The ComeBack Kids on Vimeo.