13 North Carolina Players Suspended For Selling Exclusive Team Issued Jordans On eBay

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The NCAA has taken their iron fist out of their pocket and decided to rule with it again:

SOURCENorth Carolina announced Monday that 13 football players will be suspended to open the 2018 season after the school found secondary NCAA violations involving the sale of team-issued shoes.

Offensive linemen Brian AndersonQuiron Johnson and Jordan Tucker; defensive ends Malik CarneyTomon Fox and Tyrone Hopper; linebacker Malik Robinson; quarterback Chazz Surratt; and wide receiver Beau Corraleswill each sit out four games.

Defensive backs Greg Ross and Tre Shaw will miss two games, and both quarterback Jack Davidson and offensive lineman Jonah Melton will miss one game.

The suspensions will be staggered.

Carney will miss games against East Carolina, UCF, Pittsburgh and Virginia Tech. Fox will sit against Miami, Syracuse, Virginia and Georgia Tech. Everybody else will miss season opener at Cal on Sept. 1. Since many of the players play the same position, the staggered suspensions have been approved by the NCAA.

Back in January, North Carolina football players were gifted these Jordan’s:

Thinking like true businessmen/sneakerheads, various Carolina players turned around and flipped these bad boys on eBay:


Some would say this was a smart move. Who hasn’t been gifted a valuable gift and thought about throwing it up on eBay? These guys were gifted shoes, at that point it’s theirs, right? Wrong. Not the NCAA’s watch. NO SOUP FOR YOU!

The irony here is endless. This is North Carolina, the University that was found to have their athlete’s taking fake classes to take for almost 2 decades. What was the NCAA’s response to that? A slap on the wrist. Players making money off of their gifts? No go in the National Communist Athletic Association!!!! In this situation, the “we have to protect the amateurism of the game” excuse doesn’t even fly. If the NCAA truly felt the education that the athletes receive is fair compensation, why would they not punish the same program for not providing that education?

I hope the NCAA isn’t surprised by this. When you give kids no options to make money, you know what they are going to do? Try to make money. It’s time to change the system.


PJ Tucker involved in an NCAAF violation. What a time.

EDIT (4:30): In this blog, I insinuate that North Carolina was given a “slap on the wrist” by the NCAA. After talking with Caleb, it was apparent I did not use the right choice of words. As Caleb put it, “we got fucked” by the NCAA. He is not wrong. The football program did get “fucked” by the NCAA and lost head coach Butch Davis because of it. Although, that came because of improper benefits given to players by agents and tutors, outside of the classroom. I was referencing the fake classes that the NCAA had a very weak response to. Just wanted to clear that up.