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Woman Becomes So Scared That Her Boyfriend Is Going To Kill Her KID That She Takes To Reddit For Advice


What a wild swing of emotions for this lady. One minute she thinks that her boyfriend is going to murder her kid and is taking notes on how to do it. The next moment she is getting dunked on to bolivian on the world wide web.

The boyfriend has gotta break up with this woman, right? Cant go back to a woman who thinks you might murder her kid whilst also taking really detailed notes on how to do it. I mean, if you are researching Kill the KID moves, you obviously have plenty people in line to suck your dick damn near raw. You’re a student of the chess game. Ladies love that shit. I think the Kill Indian Defense is pretty elementary but it’s certainly a good sequence to have in your back pocket on a date to the chess park.

“Chaps, I can’t seem to place my chess notebook. Care to remind me what Kill the KID means, again?”


I dont normally talk chess on the blog but just a quick reminder by showing you one of my personal favorites. Here you can see Grand Master Varuzhan Akobian analyzing the best counter for the King’s Indian Defense in a lecture at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis. Fantastic series all around but Akobian really gets the ole blood flowing with this one. He’s got clear explanations of positional concepts, and practical lines to play against some sharp openings. Once I had the pleasure to play a very similar line (same opening) where I also exchanged my rook for the light square bishop and after that my opponent’s position (defense) was falling apart :) It was very nice to see how a very smart GM just like GM Akobian plays it to perfection. Hope you enjoy.

Needless to say, the gentleman wasn’t trying to murder anyone; he was trying to play a little chess at a respectable level. If your girlfriend doesn’t understand even those most rudimentary chess schemes, she’s not going to understand how to please you using the 5 Love Languages and therefore isnt worth keeping around. That’s all there is to it. Simple as a KID.