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After The Whole T.O. Fiasco, The Pro Football Hall Of Fame May Require Candidates To Commit To Showing Up For Enshrinement Before Voting Them In

PFT- Per multiple sources, the Hall of Fame currently is considering a requirement that candidates for enshrinement commit to showing up for the Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony before the selection committee makes its final choices. As one source explained it, the issue became a hot topic on Friday in Canton. During the annual Ray Nitschke luncheon, attended only by members of the Hall of Fame, most strongly disagreed with Terrell Owens’ decision to boycott the weekend’s festivities. Some supported Owens. Most if not all agreed that it is important to stop Owens’ boycott of the ceremony from becoming a trend.

The Hall of Famers want advance screening of the candidates along with a commitment that they will show up. The plan, as another source put it, would consist of having the 25 semifinalists sign an agreement that they would show up if selected. It’s currently believed that the adjustment to the procedures is virtually certain to happen.

Hey retired, current, and future NFL players. The Journos that are protecting The Shield with their typewriters and Hall of Fame ballots wanted to say something!

Look at the big brains in Canton coming up with the perfect solution to players not showing up for the enshrinement ceremony. You cannot show up to a party you don’t want to go to if you were never invited! Maybe the White House should take a cue from this and make every NFL player pinkie swear that they will attend a ceremony in D.C. if they win the Super Bowl. And if you still don’t show up, uhhhh what’s the criminal punishment if you lie about going to a goddamn FOOTBALL party on a piece of paper or in a pinkie swear?

Now before people complain that this is completely ridiculous and against everything Hall of Fames stand for, lets all remember that it took Terrell Owens three years to make Canton and Barry Bonds still isn’t in Cooperstown. Hall of Fames are already completely ridiculous because they are just fucking museums with a roster that was decided using grudges and archaic unwritten rules. Hall of Fames aren’t important because they house the greatest people the ever be involved with their sports. They are important because they give us something to talk about during the slow times in the sports calendar.

Which is why I think T.O. should be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame twice. Once for being one of the best wide receivers any of us will ever see and again for changing the game by killing both horse collar tackles AND no-shows at Canton. In fact, there should actually be an entire wing in Canton dedicated to TO and you should have to burn a book written by a Hall of Fame committee member or take free food out of a reporter’s mouth and throw it on the ground before you are allowed to enter that wing. I hated when my team faced him as a player. But watching T.O. get in all the heads of these old school Football Guys is next level fun. He was a great player, but even better as the fly in the ointment. Now I gotta get my popcorn ready every time these dinosaurs vote a new class into the Pro Hall of Fame.