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Lenny Dykstra Suing Amazon Over Failed Docu-Series

Huh. Annnnd in a big surprise to no one, Lenny Dykstra’s still making things weird.

He spent a decade sliding into home for the Mets & Phillies… and a special night sliding into Lena Dunham’s DMs.

He’s stolen 285 bases… and hundreds of thousands from his own estate with bankruptcy fraud. There’s also obstruction of justice, identity theft, grand theft auto, illegal gambling, steroids, possession of drugs, DWI, indecent exposure and much more.

And now, the saga of ‘Nails’ continues as he sues Amazon for a biographical docu-series that fell by the wayside.

According to the Daily News:

The documentary was to include footage from Dykstra’s childhood, his storied baseball career as a three-time All-Star and 1986 World Series champ, and the present day.

The fallen 55-year-old center fielder says he got nothing out of the deal — and his planned suit in Manhattan Supreme Court alleges that the show’s producers deliberately kept him in the dark.

“Instead of coming to me like a professional and telling me that the deal fell through, they hid it from me at first. And then greed took control of them,” Dykstra said.

“They figured because I don’t speak so well these days because of my teeth, that I am an idiot. They thought they could lie to me and I would never uncover the truth. Well, they were wrong!”

Dykstra says he turned down offers for reality shows while the Amazon series was in the works, adding to potential damages in the case.

An attorney for the defendants, Cameron Stracher, called Dykstra’s allegations “completely meritless.”

Hard to see this one going his way. Maybe his suit will make more sense than his tweets?