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This Cleveland Browns Draft Stat Makes Perfect Sense Following The Corey Coleman Trade

So with the Corey Coleman trade yesterday, the Cleveland Browns officially traded their longest-tenured first round pick. The Browns haven’t exactly been the model of excellence when it comes to drafting. They’ve missed quite a bit in the first round here and now with Coleman going to Buffalo, the group of Myles Garrett, David Njoku and Jabril Peppers are the longest-tenured first round picks. They were drafted in 2017.

Coleman was the No. 15 pick back in 2016 – the pick the Browns got for trading out of the No. 2 spot to let the Eagles draft Carson Wentz. The former Baylor standout hasn’t been able to stay healthy, playing in just 19 games during his career. On top of that, in those 19 games, he just hasn’t been consistent either, forcing the Browns to give up on him essentially.

For the Bills, this makes a ton of sense. They are incredibly thin at the wide receiver position and essentially get Coleman for nothing. He’s still young enough that you’re willing to take the risk on him and hope he pans out in a new city.


How about the day the Browns trade Coleman though? We all know the Browns are on Hardknocks this year and look where they happened to be yesterday:


Just brutal.