Hero Woman Won Nearly $300,000 Playing Online Slots While At Work

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USA Today - A New Jersey woman won nearly $288,000 Thursday playing online slots during a conference call for work.

The unidentified woman from the South Jersey town of Mantua won her prize on a $2 bet while playing the Divine Fortune game at the SugarHouse Online Casino.

The $287,945 payout was the largest online slots jackpot offered in the state. It was also the largest win in New Jersey since Philadelphia’s SugarHouse Casino entered New Jersey’s online gambling market in 2016.

On the online casino’s chat room, the winner posted that she “was actually on a work conference call and almost screamed out loud” when she won the prize. According to a release from Rush Street Interactive, the woman started playing with the casino back in January.


The first words that came to my brain when I read this story was “this fuckin bitch”. Not even calling her a bitch in the derogatory way, but more in the “like…come on!” way. Because I immediately started making up a story in my head about how undeserving she is of this money. Ol’ Peggy from accounting, just sitting there in her cube, doing as little work as possible, making everyone’s job 50 times harder, while she’s just grinding the online slot machines and checking her Facebook page every 5 minutes. Collecting paycheck after paycheck for doing the bare minimum, never returning emails, never knowing what’s going on or how to do her job. And then she just binks $288,000. And that’s when I realized, she’s no bitch at all. She’s a hero.

Ol’ Peggy is an absolute hero. She mails it in at work day in and day out. Everyone knows she stinks at her job, so they all leave her alone. She does just enough to not get fired, and despite doing no work it’s not worth the hassle because she just keeps to herself, posting cat memes on Facebook all day. It’s not like she sends her boss anti-semitic texts at 3am or something ridiculous like that.

So congrats to Peggy. She certainly lived the dream. Played slots while on the clock at work, and hit it big. I’m not sure it gets more degen than that. Maybe if she was playing BINGO on the side. Internet BINGO is the only step lower than online slots. I think once you start doing that, you automatically have to buy 3 cats and have stacks of old newspapers in your house.