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Neither Ryan Kesler Nor Ryan Johansen Have Any Idea How To Use Twitter, But That Doesn't Mean They're Still Not Going To Fight On There

Anaheim Ducks v Nashville Predators - Game Four

Jordie’s Note: It’s not a technical reblog if you wrote the blog at 7:30, had it scheduled for 9:40 but somebody else published their own in the meantime. #CheckTheTimeStamps 

Ryan Kesler and Ryan Johansen have been beefin’ for the last couple of years now. It all mostly stems back to the 2017 Western Conference Finals when the two had to play against each other 6 games straight. A few sticks to the dick from Kesler and a few complaints to the media from RyJo later, and the two were in one of the biggest feuds the NHL has ever seen. And by that I mean that it’s been lasting longer than just a couple of games or so. Hell, the tension between these two even boiled so hot that they even kind of got into a little scuffle last March.

Not much of a tilt but they all look the same on the scoresheet, no?


So anyway, Kesler and Johansen have been hating each other for at least the past year and a half. And it doesn’t look like they’ll be inviting each other over for their birthday parties anytime soon. Because now they’re taking their fight off the ice and on to Twitter, despite the fact that neither of these guys really has a grasp on how to use the social media app. It all starts with this random call out from Kesler.

Now in case some of you are as unaware as Kesler, here’s how Twitter works–in order for all of your followers to see a tweet, you cannot tag somebody’s handle as the first thing in the tweet. If that’s the case, then the only people who will see this tweet on their timelines will be those who follow both Ryan Kesler AND Ryan Johansen. But for anybody who doesn’t follow Johansen? This tweet doesn’t show up for them on the timeline and unless they go digging through Kesler’s account, they would probably never see it at all. So that’s mistake number 1. If Ryan Kesler wanted all of his 314K followers to see this little jab, he’d have to put something before tagging @RyanJohansen. Could be as simple as putting a period in front of the “@” sign, could say “hey” or whatever. All that matters is that this isn’t the proper way to tag somebody to start a Twitter fight.

HOWEVA…. at least Kesler tagged the guy at all. Because a few hours later, he was the response delivered by the Twitter fingers of Ryan Johansen.

Now a couple things are wrong here without even discussing the fact that it was a super soft response in general. For starters, the best way to handle this would be to quote tweet Kesler’s original tweet. So that way we could get the whole interaction in one, simple little screenshot with one tweet. It’s why the quote tweet was invented in the first place. But even if Ryan Johansen doesn’t know that the quote tweet features exists, the least he could have done was simply reply to Kesler’s original tweet. At that point, at least everything would be in the same conversation and simple enough to follow. But instead, Ryan Johansen just decides to create an entirely new conversation on his own, but in an attempt to reply to a previous conversation. And on top of that, he doesn’t even tag the guy in his new conversation that he just started. So unless you know that Ryan Kesler tweeted at Johansen previously asking to meet in the streets, you’d have no fucking clue what was going on here. You’d just have to assume that Ryan Johansen is looking to run some sort of a charitable event where he’ll pay for stadium parking for a few fans or something.


So yeah. These guys both suck at using Twitter, but at least they’re giving it a go. And that’s all I can really ask for. Baby steps, people. NHL Player Twitter isn’t just going to become NBA Player Twitter over night. But a couple of dummies trying to figure out how it works on a random Sunday night in August? That’s at least a place to start. Now let’s hope these two either finally brawl or finally bang to end this whole thing. It’s 2018 so whatever option they go with is fine by me. I just need them to shit or get off the pot.