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Brian Dawkins Has Been Enshrined In The Hall Of Fame And His Speech Was Pure Weapon X


Awesome. Inspiring. And pure #20. You can almost pinpoint the moment Brian Dawkins morphed into the Wolverine. Not to mention basically anyone with a pulse is ready to run through all the brick walls any time he speaks. Brian Dawkins is a born motivator. One of the greatest of all-time. He could probably Pooty Tang it and nobody would care. He’s William Wallace and Maximus wrapped into one. Any warm blooded male would go to war with this man. Annnnddd now I’m getting hot flashes. I don’t want, I NEED a Brian Dawkins personal pump up speech. I’ll put my name on the 200-year waiting list to give me just one of these bad boys.

All Hail Weapon X.

PS – Not to get lost in the day, Roy Halladay was also inducted today but into the Phillies Wall Of Fame. God bless the Chooch and RIP Doc.