What Does Everyone Think About This Fire Hoop Pool Dunk?



I’m torn. The little kid in me says yes, that was awesome, I love fire and doing dangerous shit and being a badass. But the older kid in me says holy shit that looks like a ton of work and planning and logistics just to do a trick with a bunch of topless bros when in reality all I want to do is sit by a pool, get blacked out drunk and almost drown. It’s not that I think I’m too cool for fire dunks, it’s that I’m too lazy and would rather just do nothing.


Anyway, I give it a 6.5. Needed more than just one fire hoop. Once you introduce fire I want everything on fire. Just a taste doesn’t do it.



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h/t tim




How about the hardo JamBroz kid. Relax man you’re the first throw, you’re the unathletic friend that probably got invited because his dad bought him a new Go-Pro for Christmas.