A Wayward Drive By Our Close Friend Jason Day Bloodied Up This Dude's Head

Whoops! Just a little blood there. Nothing to see here. He’s probably gonna be fine. The guy shouldn’t have been standing there honestly. Gotta keep your head on a swivel at all times at a golf tournament. Our close and and personal friend Jason Day obviously didn’t do that on purpose. You think he wants his drive all the way over there? No shot. Whether or not JDay yelled “fore!” is still in question but that’s the risk you run when you attend a golf tournament. Golf balls are gonna be flying all over the joint. You gotta be ready for anything. The guy should look on the bright side, he’s got a signed gloved and a gnarly story. I actually disagree with what Jason said to the guy, though. All due respect to our close and personal friend Jason Day and all his success but I’d love to get hit by a Tiger Woods golf ball. I’d elect to be hit by a Tiger Woods golf ball if given the opportunity.

Still love my guy Jason Day and always will