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ZeroBlog30: 1 MLB Player, 2 RNR Fighters, 2 Old Balls

Here’s the episode breakdown:

11:25 West Point Military Academy grad Chris Rowley is confident in his abilities & humble about his service in the military. He shares how it felt to get the call up to the major leagues (in the middle of the night at a bar no less) & the path he took that’s led him to a spot as pitcher for the Rangers.

33:20 Big stoolie & USAF National Guard Airman Hannah Fryer is all set to knock out Anna “Conda” Patoray this weekend at Rough & Rowdy 4. She grew up in a wrestling family & while drinking with friends during RNR2 they decided she could kick some ass & she signed up to fight.

44:51 Pat & resident Barstool boxer for Rough & Rowdy 4 joins us for a pre-fight, pre-flight convo about this weekend. He’s feeling strong, looking good & he’ll have good friends & trainers in his corner. (We’re in his corner, too.)

59:10 Barstool blogger Jerry Thornton AKA Old Balls AKA I wasn’t sure if it was ok to call him that but I did.. gives us a unique perspective on military service as the parent of a Marine who just ended his active duty service. He tells us about the path his son took, how he & his wife handled it, & how much it meant to have the support of the community around him.

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