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Maikel Franco, Clearly Not A Fan Of Helmets

The Philadelphia Phillies are a men’s professional baseball team who are currently sitting in 1st place in the NL East. They remain in that position this morning thanks to Maikel Franco and his 3-run walk off moonshot last night against Miami. Now the powder blue throwbacks and the dinger itself were extremely arousing. And I’m sure that Tbyrd will have more on the full game a little later. But it was the bat flip that sent the most shockwaves throughout the sporting world last night. And for good reason.


And just like that, with his first career walk off, Maikel Franco has completely revolutionized the game. Gone are the days of the bat flip. Welcome to the age of the hat flip. It’s certainly not a move that just any ol’ Joe Somebody can pull off. The hat flip is reserved for only those who have a pair of grapefruits hanging between their legs. You also need a luscious head of hair to be able to pull off this move.


You don’t want that cumbersome helmet to be weighing down the flow as you make your way around the bases. But you also can’t be some bald-headed bitch blasting your disgusting skull to the crowd either. So grapefruit nuts and a beautiful head of hair. Those are the two caveats to those who can pimp a walk off with a hat flip. Maikel Franco easily checks off both of those boxes, and the Phillies? Well they are good.