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Ferrari's New $30K Coffee Table Book Costs 3x More Than My Car

In case you were having a tough time deciding between a new car or an item about cars that you can’t afford, here’s what you get with the $30K special edition Ferrari book:

- Coffee table book autographed by Piero Ferrari, the vice chairman of the auto manufacturer & son of founder, Enzo Ferrari

– Everyone thinking you’re an asshole (because if you buy it, odds are good you’re Martin Shkreli)

– Elevated sculpture evocative of the 12-cylinder engine in hand-bent, flared chromed steel that will scare the shit out of guests who pass by it in the dark on the way to the bathroom at night or something

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 2.02.41 PM

If you’re worried you can’t swing it there’s the $6K edition for commoners that comes in an aluminum display case. That’s closer to what I paid for my 2003 Honda CRV with a 6-disc CD changer & airbags that supposedly explode shrapnel in your face. When I bought it with a single check years ago I thought it was perfect for NYC because no one would mess with a junker. A week later I walked out of my old Bronx apartment & there it was, torn apart in the night for engine parts & its catalytic converter.

Now I’m just saving up for Art edition Ferrari book so I can browse which car I want as I continue to #grind $$$$ into the future. (Reality: actually considering buying a Razor scooter.)