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Apparently Madden 19 Edited Out The Word "Kaepernick" From A Song Lyric On Its Soundtrack

Actual lyrics:
Feed me to the wolves, now I lead the pack and shit
You boys all cap, I’m more Colin Kaepernick
I’m rare as affordable health care

Did Goodell do it again or did Goodell do it again? Okay, I don’t actually know for sure if Roger Goodell was the one that ordered for Madden to bleep out Colin Kaepernick’s name. But this all at least feels like a Goodell move. Dude is the king of half measures and full fuck ups. Almost any other business in the world would tell the partner that they make billions of dollars for to take the song out and replace it with ANY OTHER SONG IN THE UNIVERSE. My suggestion would be throwing it back with some old school Madden music:

*Instantly thinks about Madden 04 Vick doing work*


The only way this could end up becoming a viral story is if Madden kept the song in and bleeped out “Kaepernick” like it was a word along the lines of shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits. Now Kaepernick’s name and the anthem issue will end up back on everyone’s mind and at the tip of everyone’s tongue once again just like when the NFL revised the anthem policy a few months ago, pissed off the NFLPA, and caused another shitstorm that has them back negotiating ANOTHER solution. It’s crazy. Every day is Groundhog Day with the NFL and we are back to square one where the conservatives will say the libs are mad for getting owned, the libs will say the conservatives are censoring free speech while myself and millions of other people that are sick of everything will wonder how we can tune out both sides by turning our brains off, turning our video game systems on, and playing Madden.

And while I realize this may have happened because Kaepernick is currently suing the NFL, you know who else sued the NFL? The guy who was on the cover of last year’s Madden.


Again, just replace that song with another song. Literally any other song ever written. Well except the national anthem. Because I’m sure somehow, some way that would light another shitstorm. God I hate 2018.

And for the people say that doing this is beneath the NFL, lest I remind you that they willingly included and blurred out Feitelberg’s Goodell clown shirt from the Chiefs fucking 2017 year in review.


P.S. My sneaky favorite part of this whole story is that Big Sean is innocently at the center of all this, just like he was when he set off the infamous KFC vs. Tiko Texas beef.