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Border Patrol Agents Found $40,000 Worth Of Weed In Abandoned Golf Bags

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas — Border Patrol officers in South Texas have put a wedge between smugglers and $40,000 worth of marijuana stuffed in golf bags found abandoned along the Rio Grande. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials on Monday announced the marijuana was confiscated near Brownsville. Border Patrol agents on Friday saw several people swim from the Texas riverbank to Mexico. Agents searched the area and discovered the golf bags, some with clubs sticking out, filled with about 50 pounds (22.68 kilograms) of pot. Officials believe the smugglers were trying to hauling the marijuana-laden golf bags to a nearby course.

You wanna know how much money is in weed? There’s so much money in weed that smugglers can abandon $40,000 worth of it in golf bags and not give a shit. The marijuana industry is booming and this is further proof. The smugglers who were trying to bring this devil’s lettuce across the border were like, “Something doesn’t feel right about this. Let’s just leave it” so they left in and it won’t make a dent in their bottom line.  They could’ve left $400,00 worth of weed in those golf bags and not gave a shit. At least that’s what I learned watching shows like Narcos and movies like Blow. This isn’t how it happened but I like to picture drug smugglers carrying the golf bags full of weed like they’re walking 18 holes. That’s a fun visual.

By the way, the Border Patrol definitely found $60,000 worth of weed in those golf bags, right? Probably more. They found $60,000+ worth of mary jane, broke off $20,000 worth, split it up between each other Training Day-style and reported the rest to the proper authorities. That’s what I always assume happened when I see a story like this. If the Border Patrol agents didn’t do that then they’re idiots. Why wouldn’t they? Otherwise all that weed is just gonna sit in an evidence locker and not get smoked which would be a real shame.