Blake Griffin Has Reportedly Been Ordered To Pay A Cool $3 MILLION A YEAR In Child Support

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Radar- Kendall Jenner‘s ex Blake Griffin has to fork up $258,000 per month in support for his two young children with baby mama Brynn Cameron, according to court documents obtained exclusively by Griffin and Cameron have been embroiled in a nasty paternity case and a separate civil suit where Cameron claimed the NBA star broke off their engagement shortly after he started dating Jenner, when he was still part of the Los Angeles Clippers. Cameron’s currently unemployed, and is taking care of the children. Cameron has another child from a previous relationship with former USC quarterback Matt Leinart.

Griffin and Cameron were locked in the battle over the NBA star’s income and assets, with Cameron claiming Griffin is “uber-rich” and should pay all costs, including her attorney’s fees, which totaled to about $375,000. According to court documents, 29-year old Griffin earned an average monthly salary of $2.2 million in 2016. For the purposes of determining monthly child support, however, the court in March determined Griffin’s annual income from the Detroit Pistons and other sources, including his investments, to be $35 million.

I hate to ask the tough questions, but could Blake Griffin be the latest player to suffer from The Curse of the Pioneers?


Every person from that team is either dead, unemployed, or works in Detroit. Makes you think.

A regular shlub like me shouldn’t feel bad for a professional basketball player that has millions of dollars, a personality, two appearances on the Pardon My Take Best Guest Mount Rushmore, and is eskimo brothers with Matt Leinart. But I still feel bad for him. It seems like ever since he signed that $171 million contract with the Clippers, everything turned upside down. He got shipped from LA to Detroit, lost Blake of the Year to Blake Bortles, and now has to pay millions upon millions of dollars to his ex for child support.

Now I’ll admit I don’t know much about how child support works because my parents are still together and if my wife ever leaves me, I know no judge will force a low-level smut blogger like myself to pay someone else money to raise kids. But paying someone $258,000 A MONTH to raise your kids is next level crazy. It’s not real life. It’s Dr. Evil making up numbers. Yeah I guess getting paid $35 million to play basketball doesn’t make sense either, but that’s neither here nor there. $250,000 a months for child support is nuts, especially when you realize that Brynn’s last victim baby daddy is paying less than 10% of that.

While six-year-old Cole Cameron Leinart lives with his mother, his birth sparked a bitter custody and support battle between Leinart and Cameron, which ended with the former Buffalo Bills quarterback paying up to $15,000 in monthly child support.

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Trust me, I know kids are expensive. I get that Sunday Scaries feeling in my stomach whenever I think how woefully unprepared I am to pay for two humans for the next 20 years. But they are not a quarter of a million dollars a month expensive. Get them a phone, WiFi, some food so they don’t starve to death, and some nice clothes so they don’t look like dirtbags and you are gucci. That’s it. Everything else is just showing off.

On the bright side, these kids coming from 2 basketball players probably ensures at least scholarships in their future, which probably will be unnecessary since their dad is paying their mom $3 million a year to take care of them.

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TL;DR- If you are an NBA player and meet a very nice person that you aren’t sure you want to spend the rest of your life with, wrap it up twice maybe even three times or talk to you accountant about how you can afford paying millions in child support.