Award Winning Chinese Author Who Wrote About Murder Is Sentenced To Death For Murdering a Bunch of People

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An acclaimed Chinese novellist—who murdered four people and used the memory as inspiration for his stories—was sentenced to death yesterday, 23 years after committing the killings.

Liu Yongbiao, 53, and his accomplice Wang Mouming, robbed and killed a family of three and a lodger in a guest house over two decades ago. Between the murders and present day, Liu rose to prominence as an award-winning author in China.

On Monday, the Huzhou Intermediate People’s Court, in the Zhejiang Province, found Liu and Wang guilty of robbery and homicide after they admitted to the crime. They were both sentenced to death.

In an interview with CCTV last August, Liu revealed that although the killings had inspired his novels, he never based any of the characters on the real people he had murdered. The author also said the memory of the murders that haunted him felt “worse than dying.”

Damn, didn’t see that one coming. You mean to tell me the guy who wrote about murders and saw his stardom rise amongst the Chinese people for that book, actually murdered the fuck out of people? I, for one, am shocked. You can’t murder four people, then write a book about doing it, and get away with it (unless you’re OJ). Someone is going to eventually connect the dots and put 2 and 2 together at some point. Especially when that book becomes award winning for the harrowing detail you used to describe murdering these people. A few days ago, this guy and his buddy were sentenced to death after the cold case was re-opened when one of them was duped into giving up evidence. Idiot!

A few months later, undercover police tricked Liu into believing they were researching into his family tree so he would hand over a sample of his saliva. Two days later, on August 11, police arrested Liu at his home in Nanling after they found a match between his saliva and that on the cigarette butt. Shortly after, Wang was also arrested at his home in Shanghai.

Classic family tree deceiving. Pure genius by the Chinese police. Now Liu and his accomplice are set to die for their sins. Down goes the award winning murder author who actually in fact murdered people in real life. He just couldn’t help but write about it after doing it huh? He had to get it out of his system and tell the world he killed people. Not only did this guy get duped by the undercover cop, but he also is a fucking idiot for mistaking the guy he murdered for being rich. He only killed him for his money, but in reality he got $1.50 form him and a watch.

Speaking to CCTV, Liu admitted that they killed the lodger because he appeared to be wealthy. However, they only managed to loot a watch, a ring and the equivalent of $1.50 from him.

Two morals of the story here: 1) Don’t judge a book by its cover 2) Don’t murder people and write a book about it