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How Would You Rate This Potential NBA Opening Night Slate?

Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics - Game Five

You’re probably excited about the return of football tonight and rightfully so, but for some of us we’ve been going crazy waiting for the NBA to announce their schedule for the 2018-19 season. So when Gary Washburn put this out, a guy who is for sure connected in the league, I can’t lie I got fairly excited. Personally, I would give this potential opening night slate a 4.8 balls. Let’s start with the early game.


To me this is a no brainer the same way starting last season with CLE/BOS was a no brainer. These two teams are probably going to be the two best teams in the East next season (if PHI can hold up their end of the bargain), and the NBA is clearly wanting there to be a legit rivalry here. Fresh off the complete and utter domination that was the second round of last year’s playoffs both of these teams are littered with must watch players. Given how testy that series was, I cannot think of a better way to kick off the new season. Now granted the Celtics were able to get past PHI with relative ease without their two best players, who we all assume will be there on opening night. That’s not a great sign for PHI, but they should also have Fultz in the lineup and in typical Philly fashion he’s already being hyped as an All Star level talent.


Personally, I’m hoping everything The Process wants to become actually happens, simply because the league is better when these two teams are really good. I can’t wait to see Embiid talk shit despite Horford continuing to own his very existence, I can’t wait to see Simmons try and repeat as ROY going against Tatum who is already the better player, and I can’t wait to see how the Sixers try and match up with a fully loaded Celtics team after not being able to beat what was basically their bench last year. Given what the landscape of the East looks like for the foreseeable future, I have no problem with the NBA pushing this matchup considering there are enough interesting players to make it worth it.


I’m sensing a theme here from the league, and that’s starting with teams that absolutely hate each other. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with a Westbrook vs Durant matchup at any point of the season, but imagine what watching the Warriors raise their banner is going to do to Westbrook. He’s going to be a goddamn madman and I am very much here for that. These two teams split their season series last year 2-2, with each team winning in the other’s arena. That’s a pretty good improvement from the 2016-17 season where GS swept all four games, and now that OKC got rid of Melo I think we can all assume they’ll be better. A little addition by subtraction if you will.

I think any time you get Westbrook and Durant on the same court together it’s going to be must watch stuff, mostly because it’s pretty clear Westbrook still hates his guts.


and seeing as how the second Westbrook steps onto a basketball court he becomes a certified crazy person, I think you can expect there to be some classic NBA hooooolllllldddddd meeeeeee baaaaaackkkkkk moments. Add in the Draymond Green/Steven Adams nut kicking history and this is probably the best matchup in the West to start the season off with. Some may say GS/HOU would be better and while I may agree for basketball reasons, I think you have to go with OKC/GS just for everything else. This will be the late game and I think the league realizes they need a polarizing matchup to keep the East coast interested enough they stay up late. As good as the Rockets are, I don’t think they bring that same appeal.

So here’s to hoping whatever source Gary Washburn has is legit and we are blessed with these two matchups to kick off the 2018-19 season. This is going to be one of the most entertaining seasons in recent memory (yeah the Warriors will probably win the title, get over it) and I can’t think of a better slate to get things started. Do you agree? If not, what matchups would you rather see? Preseason basketball is just under two months away, and I for one cannot wait.