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This Is The Most Degenerate Horse Guy Ever And I Love It

Listen everybody knows I’m a degenerate. Ive been going to the track since I was 8 years old. And when you peel away the fancy suits, the horse ownership and everything else this is what horse racing is all about. The guy at the local track whacking his leg with a rolled up racing form wearing his letterman jacket screaming at the TVs just trying to get the 3/5 shot to die on lead. And of course this guy lost. Because the degenerate never wins. He loses this race 100 out of 100 times. Then he picks up his racing form and gets back at it 5 minutes later. It’s just part of the mystique of horse racing.

Ps- As much as I love this video you could literally get this footage anytime you wanted. It probably happens 1,000 times a day at every track in America.