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The Latest Team To Be Connected To Kyrie Irving And Jimmy Butler? The Brooklyn Nets


The above is from Marc Stein’s newsletter and it’s not necessarily shocking. Kyrie and Butler are going to be linked to numerous teams across the league next season – and it’s all part of the reason as to why next free agency is going to be wild. It’s something like half the league will have at least $20 million to spend in free agency making pretty much everyone a player.

However, the Nets have done a pretty damn good job making it through the mistake of the Celtics trade. Now for next season they’ll have the ability to offer two max contracts if they clear some more cap space, something that is very doable.

Now, of course the Nets are interested in Kyrie. Similar to the Knicks they can play the ‘come play close to home’ card with Kyrie playing high school ball in Jersey. Not only that, but they can make him the face of the franchise. That seems to be Kyrie’s thing as he didn’t want LeBron back in Cleveland and felt like a bit of a struggle. In Boston, no matter how good he is, it will always be Brad’s team and how he developed everyone there.

In terms of pairing him with Butler? It makes complete sense. The two guys have reportedly come out and talked about wanting to play together next season. Butler is frustrated in Minnesota as every person in that organization seems to be and Kyrie is well, Kyrie. If the Nets can pair these two up and land them along with a top-10 pick in this year’s draft? Pretty damn impressive.