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China-Comms Execute Deep State False Flag Conspiracy Attack On Alex Jones

Social media & the internet at large allow us to post & consume an endless range of content… but there are rules & limits (community guidelines) for most of these sites, even though they don’t always seem black & white. What constitutes hate speech and/or harassment? What encroaches harmfully too far into other people’s lives? This week YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Stitcher & Apple have decided that Alex Jones has gone past those limits.

The bloated human sausage casing & host of InfoWars is up in very tan arms after multiple podcasts & pages have been removed from those sites. Naturally, he blames the Chi-Comm takeover (where China is ultimately controlling all of us sheeple through the interwebs).

Scrolling through his various sites & those of his peers it’s common to see words like ‘red alerts, red flags, false flags, deep state, under attack, straw-man, shadow bans, invaders, internet takeover, conspiracy, alert, alert, alert!’ There’s always a sense of urgency & the drama is often accentuated with red emoji exclamation marks. It’s language that could sound pretty serious & important to heed if you’ve fallen into the world of conspiracy theories or if you’re a bored HS dropout working the late shift at a gas station off I-80. The Air Force is controlling our weather? Brandine, grab the tin foil hats.

From Variety:

Jones and Infowars have frequently posted conspiracy theories about the 9/11 terrorist attacks as well as the Sandy Hook school shooting. More recently, Jones ran afoul of YouTube’s community standards for posting hateful speech about Muslims and transgender people, as well as posting a video that displayed child endangerment.

Jones in response to the bans:

“Understand now that InfoWars is the most censored program in the world because we know the truth. And the Chi-Comms want us off the air!”

He goes on to say tech giants are working together to silence conservatives, and that the New York Times is actually a globalist intelligence agency. He also says he’s being demonized so it’s difficult for his followers to make him a martyr. I don’t think news sites have to do much to demonize him.. Making the lives of Sandy Hook families any more painful than they already are is enough for that.

Via CNN on Jones’s Sandy Hook conspiracy theories:

“We’ve clearly got people where it’s actors playing different parts of different people,” the suit quotes Jones as saying on March 14, 2014. “I’ve looked at it and undoubtedly there’s a cover-up, there’s actors, they’re manipulating, they’ve been caught lying and they were pre-planning before it and rolled out with it.”

“The Alex Jones Show” is broadcast on more than 60 radio stations, and his YouTube channel has more than 2.3 million subscribers, according to the complaint.

Also named in the suit are two men who plaintiffs say worked on conspiracy videos that Jones showed.
Wolfgang Halbig created conspiracy videos, harassed family members and others in Newtown and ran websites about Sandy Hook, the complaint says, and Cory Sklanka helped him create the videos and run at least one of the websites.

“Children did not die, teachers did not die, on December 14, 2012,” Halbig said on one of Jones’ shows, according to the complaint.

“I mean it’s fake … it’s fake … you’ve got parents acting … it’s just the fakest thing since the three-dollar bill,” Jones said.

In a current lawsuit, his own lawyers have defended Jones by saying his schtick is all an act.

From all accounts & the rabbit hole I’ve gone down, the guy is a mess leading a very wacky ‘empire’ that’s starting to crumble. Anyways, back into my cave for now…

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