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#SmittyGate: A Gametime Investigation + Stoolie Squads On Twitch... Also Come Get Your Chance At Winning $1000 In Prizes Just For Playing Fortnite

Watch SQUAD KILLS RECORD LFG.. (my score to beat is uh 4) GamerzArena.Com $1000 Contest FREE UNLIMITED ENTRY from Barstoolsports on

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I had a whole different title and vibe going before Barstool Radio started. Then clean, unclean, and richochet shots started flying in directly at the Barstool Gametime franchise and well here we are. Is Smitty a master of words? NO. Do I think Smitty is as bad as he says he is at Fortnite? YES. Did he screw Large out of $1000…

Well, it hard to say. I don’t think so but clearly I am biased. I will say that Smitty did make it VERY clear that he wasn’t going to be overzealous with his remaining games and in fact bush camp like the true coward champion he became.

All I know is we’ve spent a year straight building our Twtich into something useable, something even somewhat entertaining, built purely off INTEGRITY & HEART, and now that’s all threatened. Unfortunately Smitty won’t be back online until Friday at the earliest so we’ll have to wait and see if his skills really do suck. This is TOUGH to argue against though…


Until then we are BACK and gathering up a bloodthirsty Stoolie crew for madness tonight. Gonna be Stoolie Squads the entire time on Fortnite while I try to massacre everyone I can for our GamerzArena $1000 contest. Rules are below, $1k in cash prizes up for grabs. AND if you use #Smitty1000 on Twitter we’ll be picking random people through Sunday for some Barstool swag giveaways. LFG!

See you on Twitch.Tv/Barstoolsports

Join our GamerzArena $1k contest FREE unlimited entries here


1. Select Arena at the top of the site.

2. Click on Select for Fortnite.

3. Click on Enter Now for the Barstool Smitty Squads $1000 Contest!

4. You will be on the Prizes and Leaders Page and make sure to click on RULES to the right and REVIEW THE RULES!

5. Once you have reviewed the rules, click on the purple “Enter Now” in the upper right.


6. IMPORTANT: Make sure your Twitch stream is live (you do not have to appear on camera, gameplay only is acceptable).

7. MORE IMPORTANT: Click Start Contest Now and you will see the site connect to your stream. Once this happens, you will have 3 hours to play as many games as you want, but once you get a game with a kill count that you want to be counted, click on Finish Entry on the site! Select Disqualify this entry for games that are 0 kills or lower than your current score on the leaderboard.

8. You have UNLIMITED FREE REENTRIES and can only improve your score!
The contest is going to be (Individual) Squad Play High Kills. This means we will take the number of kills that YOU get in a single game and this will be the score that will appear on the leaderboard. You can play with your friends. Again, you have unlimited free reentries so don’t hesitate to reenter and improve that score! There is live chat support on the site, and we have support in our Discord as well – HERE

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