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I Am 100% Behind And Pushing Gay Pat In #RnR4 And You Should Be Too

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(This was published earlier in the week but if Riggs and co are gonna re-post Gay Pat slander, I can reiterate how I am behind and pushing him. Not literally. I think.)

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. On the surface, sure, this convict seems like he can clean Pat’s clock straight. He’s batshit crazy, owns special kinds of strength, and has a wingspan of Pterdactal with a dash of fetal alcohol syndrome. I mean, this guy looks like a genetically deficient Putin, and acts just as crazy:

Cute. People underestimate just how much physicality and mental toughness goes into a measly 3-minute match. So how has this guy been preparing for the biggest (legal) fight of his life? That’s right. Drive by’s, prison scrums where his “people” outnumber the opponents by his own admission 12-4 (or 3-1, but I’m not sure if math exists outside of guesstimating the alcohol % in a fine batch of pruno), and playing grab-ass with his Daddy while growing up. I’ll take the men who have been preparing Gay Pat for war over anything he’s got. No free ads, but Mendez Boxing NY is a dingy, dirty, sweatbox of a boxing gym reminiscent of Mighty Mick’s on North Front St. in Philly (RIP). A spot that shapes boys into men, and men into killers. These Puerto Ricans are the toughest motherfuckers this side of, well, Puerto Rico. When I was training for #RnR2, I got my ass KICKED 5+ times a week over 6 weeks. And I’m straight. They had no natural underlying resentment towards me other than being a middle class white guy who never did a bid. Pat got an absolute whoopin’ ever single time he walked into that gym on top of working his balls to the bone.

This convict, whose Mama couldn’t spell Brian right on his birth certificate, is going to come in hot. There’s no doubt about that. If Gay Pat can survive the bukaki of blows that’s going to come at his face in the first 15 seconds, he should be just fine. Take it from a former champ: Bet On The Gay. Try it and see how it feels. You may just like it.